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Premium Assorted Ensaymada (5 pc)

Premium Assorted Ensaymada (5 pc)

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Fluffier and Softer dough! 3 NEW Flavors are in this 5 piece assortment: 

2 Ube-madas made with our in-house specialty Ube jams/halaya you know and love from our Pandesal.

1 Truffle-mada for a more luxurious and savory option that will keep you wanting more.

1 Queso de Bola-mada, incorporates a traditional Filipino nutty and salty cheese that balances well with the sweet brioche

1 Belgian-mada (contains nuts, can be substituted), returning with its decadent white chocolate buttercream and toasted almonds.


We are only offering a set assorted box, but we plan on expanding your options in the near future!

Allergy Warning: Menu items may contain or come into contact with wheat, eggs, nuts and milk. While we do our best to isolate different food items, they are processed in the same kitchen meaning we cannot guarantee that your menu item is free of common allergens.



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