The Modern Filipino Panaderya

We are a pop-up home bakery in Allen, TX under the Texas Cottage Food Law. This idea came about on June 20, 2020 and we officially started operating on June 23rd. We specialize in Filipino baked goods and desserts, hoping to become a part of the rise of the Filipino food scene, popularizing and familiarizing it among the Dallas area and beyond! Our one goal is simple: to share the Filipino bakery experience.

Here at The Pandesal Place, we want to become your next friendly neighborhood panaderya, or bakery. A panaderya is a staple in the Philippines and to the families there. It is part of their daily routine; wake up, take a walk to the corner neighborhood bakery, and enjoy hot fresh pandesal with coffee for breakfast. We want to bring this sense of home and warmth to your table from our kitchen, all the while highlighting the various flavors of the Philippines. It can be sweet, savory, and one of a kind, but you will find that it suits everyone’s palette! The Pandesal Place is here to bring this experience to you because no one should miss out on a delicious and indulging food experience.

Meet Jennifer, the baker. Cake baking and decorating have once been a fun hobby for her along with cooking lessons. She’s taken classes under Heny Sison, or Chef Heny, a popular pastry chef and cake decorator in the Philippines, where her love for baking began. From there, it became more than just a hobby. After many many years, our family finally decided to take our first step of turning her talent into the bakery of her dreams. 

Why are we The Pandesal Place? Jennifer is the master of the pandesal. The pandesal is something she worked on for years with lots of trial and error. Now, she can proudly say that she has the perfect recipe. We jumped on the Ube craze and included her homemade Ube Halaya recipe as well. It was the perfect start for The Pandesal Place.

Support us as we continue our journey to starting our dream bakery. We have loafs more to come, so prepare your taste buds!